The Curious Science Quest: Greek Adventure

Join Harriet, Darwin's pet tortoise, and Milton, Schrodinger's indecisive cat on a time-travelling quest of discovery, unravelling scientific exploration and religious beliefs and how they fit together.

Throughout the centuries humans have been looking for answers to BIG questions - how did the universe start? Is there a God behind it? Has science explained away the need for a God, or can faith enhance scientific discovery?

On this adventure Harriet and Milton are investigating who the first scientists were. Step into Harriet and Milton's time machine, bring some snacks, and enjoy this curious quest of discovery - become a Mesopotamian stargazer, cast your vote in 'Greece has Scientific Talent', and meet Pythagoras!

Written by Julia Golding (winner of the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2006, and the Nestle Smarties Book Prize 2006) with Andrew Briggs (Professor of Nanomaterials in the Department of Materials at the University of Oxford) and Roger Wagner (artist and author), inspired by their book: The Penultimate Curiosity.

Also available as an ebook.

Julia Golding (with Andrew Briggs and Roger Wagner)
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Lion Hudson