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Science, Religion and Ethics

Hi there, if you're aged between 2 and 11, this space is for you to explore your big questions about science and religious faith.

Use the menu on the left to choose your age range, then click on a question below to read some thoughts about God, ethics, and ideas about right and wrong. You can also click on ‘Scientists’ to meet some scientists of faith who study this topic!

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  • What is ethics?
  • What makes me me?
  • Can science tell us what's right and wrong?
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  • What is ethics?

    Thinking about ethics helps us think about the choices we make.

    It can help us to work out right from wrong and make good choices about how to treat others well and love all living things.

    For lots of people, what we think about ethics is connected to what we think about God.

    We’ll be adding more exciting questions on this topic, so keep checking this page!

  • What makes me me?

    Lots of things add up to shape us into who we are.

    DNA, passed to us from our biological parents, helps shape our bodies and brains as we grow up. So do the things that happen to and around us, even as we grow inside our mothers. We can also always learn new things and choose to change the ways we do things, how we behave, what we believe, and so much more.

    The Bible (the holy book that Christians read) also talks about people being able to change to become more and more like Jesus. That doesn’t mean people wandering around looking like Jesus, but acting more like him. Christians believe that if someone trusts Jesus and tries to learn from his good example, they can become the best ‘them’ they can be – like Jesus, and also uniquely ‘them’.

  • Can science tell us what's right and wrong?

    No. Science helps us learn lots about the world, but we need more than science to work out whether we think something is right or wrong.

    Science might tell me that if I push my sister off the swing, she’ll hit the ground and might get hurt. But science doesn’t actually tell us if that would be good or bad. Those ideas come from thinking about ethics (what’s right and wrong). 

    What we think about what's right and wrong is shaped by lots of things, including what we believe about God.

  • Bob Sluka

    Dr Bob Sluka is a marine biologist and a Christian.

    Bob White

    Professor Bob White is a geophysicist and a Christian.

    Francis Collins

    Dr Francis Collins is a geneticist and a Christian.

    Emily Burdett

    Dr Emily Burdett is a developmental psychologist and a Christian.

    Gillian Straine

    Revd Dr Gillian Straine is a physicist, theologian and a Christian.

    John Bryant

    Professor John Bryant is a geneticist, bioethicist and a Christian.

    John Wyatt

    Professor John Wyatt is a medical doctor, professor of medicine and ethics and a Christian.

    Katharine Hayhoe

    Dr Katharine Hayhoe is an environmental scientist and a Christian.

    Roger Abbott

    Revd Dr Roger Abbott is a theologian a scientific researcher and a Christian.

    Roger Bretherton

    Dr Roger Bretherton is a psychologist and a Christian.

    Rosalind Picard

    Professor Rosalind Picard is a computer scientist, inventor, engineer, professor and Christian. 

    Tom Ingleby

    Dr Tom Ingleby is a Geophysicist and a Christian

  • More Questions?

    ​​Do you have questions which aren't covered here?

    It's great to ask lots of questions and we want to help!

    Take a look at some of our other topics, activities and resources to see what else you can discover. 

    Or why not get in touch and we'll do our best to help you out as you explore these exciting questions!

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