Steph Bryant

Youth and Schools Programme Co-Director

Steph is a Christian and loves traveling the UK to explore exciting science and faith questions with curious young people - preferably with some fossils, mysteries, and chocolate ‘wolf poo’ in her bag!

Steph studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, specializing in Conservation Science and Evolutionary Biology. Her faith and science inspire her to look after the world she believes God made. She has spent time studying wolves in Bulgaria, frogs, and salmon in Canada and working with people to help them get on well with wildlife. She really enjoys chatting with young people about science, religion, and ways to care for our world.


What animal do you think has the best name?

Prehistoric baby Pterosaurs (like Pterodactyls) are called ‘flaplings’!​

What is the coolest animal you’ve ever seen with your own eyes?

While working in Canada I got to meet all sorts of weird and wonderful water creatures including the Northwestern Salamander. They’re like giant newts!


Lizzie Henderson

Youth and Schools Programme Co-Director

Lizzie can usually be found travelling around with boxes of fossils, skulls, explosive chemicals, jelly, hats, fairy wings and all kinds of other exciting things. She is a Christian and loves exploring the how ideas about God and religion can fit with science.

Lizzie studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, specialising in Evolutionary Biology, Geology, and how science works. She has always loved asking questions about everything, especially about how science and faith fit together. So now she spends her time helping young people to explore their own questions about science, God, life, the universe and everything!


What’s your favourite weird fact?

Sharks have been around longer than trees!

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Either the ability to understand what animals are thinking, or the ability to instantly change my clothes and hair to whatever I wanted!


Cathy Priest

Youth and Schools Programme Training Officer

Cathy is a Christian who loves science and teaching! She loves spending time with young people, especially when she gets to help them explore their big science-faith questions.

Cathy studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, specialising in Pathology (the study of diseases), and has also done important research about education and how to look after teachers well. She spent 20 years teaching science in the UK and overseas And now she gets to bring together lots of things she loves by support parents, teachers, church youth workers, and scientists who want to explore questions about science and religion with children and young people.


Do you have a nickname?


What’s your favourite science experiment?

Exploring the use of natural indicators, like how red cabbage juice, goes a different colour depending on whether you mix it with an acid or an alkali, it is amazing!


Cara Parrett

Youth and Schools Programme Officer and Researcher

Growing up in South Africa, Cara fell in love with the ocean and all of the world’s wild places and animals. As a Christian, she loves exploring the world she believes God made, and sharing her experiences with others to help start conversations about God, science and their interactions.

Cara studied marine biology and oceanography at the University of Cape Town. She has been lucky enough to travel to different countries, learning about the environment and how she can help protect animals and wild areas. Cara has worked with owls, turtles, seabirds and coral reefs. Now she loves talking to young people about how we can help our planet, and how she believes that is what God wants us to do.


What’s your favourite place in the world?

A beach in Cape Town, South Africa, where you can walk and swim next to wild African penguins!

What is the coolest animal you’ve ever seen with your own eyes?

I think it has got to be great white sharks! (Don’t worry, I was in a cage at the time!)